Well hello there reader! My name is Sarah and I am a 15 year old Canadian who loves reading. Exciting isn’t it? Not really, but guess what? Somehow, you managed to find my blog in which I talk about books. And sometimes I might rant about them, but most of the time, I just share my love for books with the world.

My love for books first sparked in kindergarten when I had to take home a short book as home reading every night. As much as those books were a little silly to read, I couldn’t get enough of words. I kept challenging myself all the time, taking home harder books, thicker books, until it became an obsession. A passion. Ever since then, whether the stories be long or short, they filled up my time. The way some people might find drawing therapeutic, I find reading my way out of whatever mess may be going on in my life. Or just to have fun.

Now, I have finally decided to share my love of books with the world. I’ll be posting about book hauls, reviews, or any new books I might have discovered every few days, so don’t forget to check in once in a while. I also have a bookstagram account called @that_book.addict where I post daily, so feel free to check that out.

I’ll see you around my blog,

xx Sarah 🙂


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